Price Range (Is this New? 🤔)


I just noticed there is a “Price Range” where I can put the amount from min to max.

Left hand side, under “Delivery Time” & above “Online Status.”

I don’t remember seeing this before. This is awesome. We can now filter seller by the Price! :slight_smile: I just tried it and it worked great!

Edit: Sorry, on my tablet otherwise I’d post a screen capture. Maybe someone else can?


Just out of curiosity, what are you liking about this feature?

In one of my gig categories, I now only see the very worst copyright violators in every way I try to search for my own gig.

I think this is fantastic for those who want to feel that they have bought something of quality. Yet just a bit shit when it comes to the fact they haven’t.

Pardon my French but I’m really really sick of the “hey we just made a great new update” applause, especially when a lot of these updates actually only serve to bolster the business (in some gig categories) of people selling garbage which end buyers could be sued for using.

This is not not customer care. This is direct customer sabotage.


I do not know what the benefits are for that.

But I always pray fiverr to be better from day to day.


I really hope that I can be shown as online when I am online.


Me too. No change as of yet.


I agree with that point


A screenshot would be great :smirk:


Just search for any service and on the left side of the page you will see it.
Don’t be lazy.


I tried searching for love spells in my category using only sellers charging over $10 and got only sellers who have less than 10 reviews or none at all, aside from about five. Dozens of new sellers with no reviews showed up, many asking for $50 or more.

It seems like they think that this will place them at the top of the listings, and indeed there is one on the top row who is fairly new with about ten reviews. Mine, with over 700 reviews is on the second row.


I have had this feature for months. Not sure when, but maybe early in 2017 is the farthest I can remember.


Weird, it just appeared for me. I guess it’s another one of those features that was beta tested to death.


Yes, I’m aware of sellers who sell illegal template for premium price. I knew a seller that sold Google free template for starting price $150. People gave him stunning reviews.

Paying more doesn’t get you better quality or legal quality.

For me, I can filter price range according to my budget. My main purchases here are articles, editing, proofreading, illustrations, photoshop and book covers.

  • If I need 100 word book blurb edited/proofread; I can filter for $5 to $10 Price Range.

  • If I need Photoshop, I’m going to filter for price point of $25 to $100 or more, depending on complexity.

I do know people will use it to filter ridiculous thing like building a whole website for $5, but may I just say they deserve each other?

I also know some will Jack up prices on poor quality or stolen templates to get sales, but would also like to add; sooner or later, a buyer will complain he received stolen work. 5r will disable their account - for them, “out of the blue” with money & orders in queue.

There are many changes I don’t like, some I have mixed feelings. I’m still not sure about showing purchase price next to reviews. I’m okay with it, but perfer it wasn’t there.


This one? It’s pretty old feature :wink: