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Price the personalized offer bug. I cannot work!


When I create a offer from the chat, 30$ are added!
For example. I have make an offer for 60$ and the buyer see it from 91$.
I have make one other offer without extras and revisions for 65$ and the buyer see it for 98$!!!
Please help me fastly as you can! I can’t work!
I have proof of it in video!
Thank you!


Could your buyer have their currency set to something other than USD?


Does it say something other than “US$” next to the price on the buyer’s screen?


I had a buyer in another country questioning why they were seeing such a higher price than what I offered but they were in another country which uses dollars but the conversion rate was high, as their dollar was not worth as much as a US dollar.

I see that now whenever someone orders extras on a gig of mine, the prices are listed in their native currency on my order page for some reason.

But it actually is the same amount of money whether it shows as $60 or $90 since the value of a dollar varies so much in different countries.