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Price wars with other sellers

Hi folks,

I started doing gig on Fiverr late last year, took a few months off to and came back to find many other new sellers providing more for the same price or less.

Surely this is happening all over just wondering how you handle it? I mean price wars are never good for the sellings just wondering how do you handle these types of situation now?


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I don’t think I’ll ever drop my prices (I’ve only raised them since starting 3 years ago), regardless as to whether or not other sellers do. If you know you’ve got a great gig and you deliver excellent customer service, that’s all part of the package.

I feel like it all evens out in the end - yes, there will be people who choose someone else because of lower pricing, but there will also be people who choose you because you aren’t dirt cheap, which shows you’re confident in what you offer and know what you’re worth.

In a lot of ways, you weed out some really frustrating buyers. Often, some of the most ridiculous clients are the ones who have the smallest orders.


I was in this situation, quality is more appreciated than quantity.

I have one real competitor (the rest are copy&paste stock images/vector “artists”) and some times ago I have raised the prices mostly because the price of the US dollar is falling (against my currency). My goal is quality, not quantity. But I remember when I was doing some other more simple graphic job the competition and their prices were a nightmare.

I mean didn’t you guys needed to drop your pants a little at the beginning just to build up your profile before you could raise your prices?

I can say, with 100% certainty, that I have never “dropped my pants” in order to bring in new clients. That seems like a very inappropriate marketing strategy, especially for what I do.

I like to keep my pants on, thank you very much.

And if I want to raise my prices… I just raise them. My pants do not need to be part of that decision.


The price war on fiverr supposingly act as a opposite to the normal real world biz.
That’s meant if you see your competitor offering low price, raise your price. This work for me, when I in doubt I always raise my price, higher price meant your work & service is better, just like the PRO.
Of course this being said you’re still offering great work, at least it’s not low grade shit cheating buyer money.

My response to competition is to make gigs or qualities in my gigs that my competition doesn’t have and to make sure I have optimized each gig to make it as discoverable as possible to the kinds of folks who would benefit from it and be interested. You don’t have to shortchange your value to get clients!

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