Priced too high?


Please can you take the time to look at this gig and tell me if you think the price and delivery time are too high, considering the effort involved in the gig.

I’m asking because I have had a high number of views but no orders?

Kind Regards,



:hushed: and you still have gig extras?? I am certain if you gave me 200$ I could do exactly the same job in 5 days print the magazine and ship it to you. The gig ain’t bad but the price is… how can I put this??


Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a market for a $700 basic gig here on Fiverr. You might find more interest if you offer a service that is more in-tune to the market. People come to Fiverr looking for smaller projects, and lower prices. $700 for a relatively obscure service isn’t likely to catch on.


You have very well written gig.

Unfortunately, if I were to be getting married, I’d want to see sample portfolio that I can physically touch. I’d be hesitant to spend a lot of money online.


No offence intended, but it looks like you created your sample using Microsoft Paint. I’m not convinced that cyan, orange, yellow, grey, white and black is a winning combo.

Honestly, it is really quite poor, so I’m not surprised you haven’t received any orders.

At $700, you’re far beyond the “fun gift” category and more into the “professional wedding services” category. Unfortunately, I feel as though the quality of your work isn’t.


Can you suggest solid ways to improve? Interestingly, I’m not an Adobe fan. I prefer to use Inkscape and Gimp for my editing - the designs were created in Inkscape.

Thank you for your feedback. I always like people who are brutal, because it challenges me to self-improve.



@gina_riley2 - I completely understand your point. I would also want to see more. I was thinking I would ask the first customer to allow me to use their magazine as a sample porfolio - but I haven’t received any orders on this gig yet.

Can you suggest any concrete ways to improve? Maybe I should do a generic design on Prince William and Kate’s Wedding as a generic portfolio piece? Am I being too cliche?



It is way too high price. It matters where you live. For instance, I live in Serbia, and it would be nice to have one, but it is unimaginable price for me.


You definitely have the right attitude! :slight_smile:

For me personally, the “Jane and John” sample just looks like a sea of ugly colours and fonts - there’s no “house style” or consistency. Sure, the imagery is good, but everything else is random.

I recommend you spend a little time researching the market to understand how your offering compares. Here’s a link to a Pinterest wedding brochure album that contains insanely good examples:


@nadagraph Can you give me an indication of the price that you would pay for such a service? It would help me tremendously.


The first thing you need to do is offer a service (or part of your current service) that you can sell at $5 or $10. You’re not likely to make any sales at $700 for a basic gig.


@phantompower - thank you for your feedback. I’m not sure about this Fiverr printer service - It doesn’t seem to be available to me! I’m wondering if it’s a Level 2 Seller feature or a Top Rated Seller feature? It doesn’t seem to be available to Level 1 Sellers.



Unfortunately, this is not a field you can improve unless you have examples of work you have previously done.

I suppose you can detail your experiences and how many other happy clients you have. Perhaps, ask 5r customer support permission to add link so customers can be awed at other work.


@mrproofreading - thank you for these examples. I feel like you might be missing the point (if you are, then I have a problem). I’m NOT offering a brochure… I’m offering a MAGAZINE. Like literally Vogue magazine (with much less pages!). But it’s a magazine, not a brochure. There is a difference. A brochure is like a single sheet of paper divided into six parts. A magazine is literally a book.

But your feedback is valuable to me.

Regarding “house style” - I’m not literally a brand name with a niche subject (like Men’s Health). I’m offering people the opportunity to customize a magazine according to the theme of their wedding day - I can’t use the same fonts for an informal beach theme as I do for a formal modern theme. I hoped to demonstrate that in my designs, but maybe I am missing something???


You may be surprised, but 200$ max.


Well, I couldn’t find any suitable examples for wedding magazines - it’s a niche market. Equally, though, the examples provided should give you an idea of the quality expected for professional wedding services, which is how you’re currently pricing your service.

You don’t need to be a brand to have a good sense of consistency. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but I feel dull, luxurious colours are best suited to weddings – not cyan, yellow, red, blue and green.

If you honestly look at your sample and think “yep, this is good stuff”, then I’m afraid we’ll have to disagree.

When I look at your samples, especially the second one, I see:

  • Text overlapping the focus point of the image
  • A sea of unattractive, non-wedding related colours
  • A mixture of completely random fonts
  • Inconsistencies in text placement

With all of this in mind, I cannot see any customer paying $700 for the service.

So as to not sound too negative, I do think you have a market, especially considering your awesome description and wording. I just feel you need to work on some high-quality, consistent and attractive designs to attract customers.


you will not get any order in this gig cause price too much high :slight_smile:


I’m not sure how this is a trend, like other said, it would feel quite detached, and non personal to give such work to a person who’s somewhere far away, and for example didn’t attend the wedding, or has no idea or feeling for customs of the area for example and so on and so forth.

Maybe some magazine that isn’t such personal matter for the buyer, but a broader topic.

And yes, the market on fiverr is made in such way, that most stuff start at 5$, 20$… so the person looking to spend 700$ on design magazine maybe wouldn’t search for that service on fiverr in the first place…

You have to offer really good service with that price tag, there’s always many people who will offer cheaper work so…
That typography and color choice aside th, how did you


Maybe review the lessons on typography, color, kerning…


Your Gig looks perfect. but if I express my own opinion about the price, it’s definitely too pricey. In my currency, it’ll be more than 55k and many of our countrymen can’t even earn that much in a whole year :wink:
however, according to @gina_riley2 I agreed that people won’t satisfy with only a soft copy for paying that much money.