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Prices for new sellers

I have a question regarding how to price a gig for new sellers. I am a new seller with one gig. I haven’t had a buyer yet and I have no reviews. Would it be advisable to price my gigs lower in the hopes of attracting potential buyers?


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@sergeywozniack its Depends on you how much you charge, but for new seller as much as lowest is better for initial selles


Ok thank you, that’s what I suspected.

I think after doing market research for your niche, then you should start small.

Thank you. Do you mean small as in price? Or a small niche? Or both? :slight_smile:

Check out the competition in your category re pricing. New sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.


I meant small on price until you get many reviews, then you can increase it.


Start small, then as you gain feedback, you can revaluate your pricing structure to be at the appropriate rate. Plus, starting small lets you experience the process and see how you might need to adjust your gigs to better explain your services and attract the clients you want to reach.