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Pricing for a gig

I am new on fiverr and I am offering gigs start from 10 to 50 dollar. Is it fair enough?


What service do you provide?

It depends on what you are offering.

For me, I am a writer, so my rates are based on per word.

For other types of Gigs you can price per hour.

Just remember that whatever you charge, 20% of it stays with Fiverr so be sure to charge enough where you make some profit after Fiverr gets their cut.


Your gig offering depends on you…
If you think you work should be charged more than the average price that is totally up to you.
but keep in mind your work output should be worth it.

Logo design service i am usually providing

great writing sir. love it you explain clearly.

I am new in fiver. I also providing creative logo designing and make business cards

I am new on fiver and I am offering gigs start from only $15. Is it fair enough?