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Pricing for an ongoing gig. Help please!

Hi! I’m a new seller and am getting offers rather quickly.

Please advise on how I should price an offer that doesn’t fit into my little gig pricing per hour buckets.

I have 1 / 5 / and 10 hours on my gig, but buyer wants 2 - 5 hours a week for $250 with help putting together an event in March. I will need to create a custom offer, but how in the heck do I price that? And would the delivery date be 30 days? There’s got to be an easier way that I’m not seeing.

Ideas from the pros please. Thank you!


Welcome to the Forum. @mmponce

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it’s depend on your service you can get a idea from your competitor

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It takes some time to build your carrer on fiverr. You can get more information by researching fiverr tips category. That’s benefits you. Hope you’ll get more order soon. Good luck.

Depends on when in March. If the 3rd, then okay, if the 28th, not okay. Also depends on the type of work wanted. Also also depends on if they’re properly estimating the time a task will take.

Milestone order. Divide it into stages/weeks.

Math time.
$250 for one month of work. Four weeks. Range max hours /20 so $12.5 per hour or min hours /8 so ~$31 p/h.
$250 for two months of work. Eight weeks. Range /40 so ~$6 or /16 so ~$15


For my “regulars” I give them 20% off.

I factor that into the Custom Offer I send.

However, VERY FEW of my Buyers get that deal.

Be careful how you price it or you’ll end up having to honour it more than once.

If it is a price you are comfortable giving a client, keep it as an option you can provide to others in the future through a Custom Offer.