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Pricing for custom orders

Hi. My client messaging has a Creat an Offer option in the text box. I entered a modified price in the details, but the price change didn’t show up in the actual gig.

Do I need to set up custom offers in a different way? Or do I need to modify the base gig price for every custom order?



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Yes, you will need to use the [Create an Offer] button below the text box (desktop) to build a new custom offer.


Hi imagination7413. Do I need to edit my existing gig each time? Or literally put together a separate, dedicated gig to match the offer?

I assumed making the offer would assemble a gig at the correct specs. Apparently, I was wrong. It sounds like I need to manually create a unique gig. Which makes sense. The only problem I see with that is when, on the crazy chance, someone sees the modified gig and also wants it.

Is there some way to block it from public view, so only the one client getting the custom offer sees it? Or I could just tell anyone else that it doesn’t apply to them. I’m not sure I would want to do that.

Or maybe I could tell everyone else I’m out of the office. Or pause the gig somehow. Evidently, I did not understand the particulars of how a custom offer works. I’ll look at my options.

imagination7413, thanks for sending a reply. I’ll see what I can do.

@joel_hageman don’t change the basic gig. You need to create custom gig… in your message options( create custom gig). its private only you and your buyer see this.


You can build a custom offer, and just put ALL the non-standard details in the body of the description. For example, this custom offer doesn’t fit my gig as it is, BUT still covers exactly what the buyer wanted:

What am I missing here? It must be a real oversight on my part.

I created the custom gig in the messaging system. It had all the specs and pricing I needed.

However, when either I or the customer clicked on it, it linked directly back to my basic gig. It didn’t link to an actual custom offer.

Basically, the custom offer in the messaging system said there was one, but there wasn’t. It doesn’t exist.

There’s no real custom offer the client can pay for. It just says there is.

I went looking through my options on my seller’s screen, just in case I’m being lazy.

I just realized something now.

I just now realized I maxed out my available gigs, which is seven. I had four paused, two drafts and one active.

Maybe the system doesn’t allow custom orders from the messaging window when I have the maximum amount of gigs already.

Thanks for the responses. I deleted the two drafts. Maybe that’s the reason.

WOW that looks really professional!

Thank you, though, that’s kind of the point. Professionalism is a part of what Fiverr is suppose to be about. It’s a business.

I know there are plenty of amateurs on Fiverr, but we are asked to maintain a level of professionalism in our conduct. That includes being clear and setting boundaries. “To be unclear is to be unkind.”

Thanks for you information

Exactly! Completely agree!