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Has the minimum gig price for Fiverr Pro gigs been reduced since Fiverr Pro started?


No it hasn’t. (20 chars)


It was because in the “Creating a pro gig” help page I read it said “In the Price drop-down menu, select a price for your service (ranging from $100 to $10,000).” but there’s what looks like a Pro gig (it says “Pro Verified” against the gig) that says “Starting at $70”. If the minimum hasn’t changed maybe there’s a special offer option or something.

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I haven’t seen the gig you are referring to.

Maybe they are experimenting with some categories? Not sure what to tell you.

Edit: just seen it. It clearly says: “at an introductory price” in the title. So they may be allowing it as a part of a test that has yet to be available in my categories.


I saw something come across my desk a couple months ago and lowered one of my cheapest gigs as a “loss leader.” Other than that I didn’t pay much attention so I’m not sure of the criteria.

Why do you ask?


Thanks for the Pro tip! I’m gonna try this.


Thanks. I was just curious about the pricing eg. of Pro Gigs as the pricing was different than what I’d read about Pro Gigs (eg. the help section).


If you’re selling on pricing, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Instead of worrying about pricing, sell your features and benefits.


Yes, it has. Kind of. There are certain gigs which can be reduced below the $100 threshold and I have reduced one of mine as a “loss leader.” The criteria for which gigs can be reduced? HellifIknow. I didn’t pay it that much attention.

Anyway, someone selling on price is already shooting themselves int he foot.



Negotiations are fine for products because in that case you’re just lowering your profit margin. What you’re proposing means you’re making less per hour. There is no reason to do this.

There is no point in making sales if you are going to screw yourself out of money and true professionals don’t need to do this. They charge according to the value they provide, not whatever gets them the sale. When you’re selling to professionals who value you, they come back and they refer you. They don’t haggle you into charging less than what you offer and less than what you’re worth and you don’t offer haggling, either.

What you’re proposing just encourages people to take advantage of you and that isn’t business. You’re selling services, not products.

Getting a lot of sales is great, but not if you’re undercharging to do that.

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Surely it’s allowing the buyer a lower price for a less urgent delivery but of the same delivery (eg. same word count). eg. it’s like people paying extra for extra fast delivery. If there’s no urgency maybe the seller might be okay with the buyer paying a bit less. Though maybe all that could be built into the pricing structure that could be shown to buyers.

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I’m going to have a record year this year and my only source of clients is Fiverr.

I think I’ll keep doing what works. As a 63-year-old male, I’ve been doing this for 20-years, but thanks for your input.


I don’t know of any professional writer who “charges by the hour.”

I’m glad. But making a great living is no reason to pay yourself less than you’re worth or vary your income based on what people will pay.

The reason I responded to this is because you’re encouraging sellers to vary to determine their earnings based on what they can charge to close a sale. No one needs to do this to get sales.

You’ve misunderstood. I’m not saying you charge hourly. I’m saying you need to calculate what your earnings work out to be per hour because that’s what dictates what your annual salary or wages are. Why charge yourself a lower wage just to land a sale if you don’t have to. Yes, you can just calculate what you would earn in a year, but you need to know what you’re earning per hour. 100K means a lot more if you work 30 hours a week than if you work 80. (Just an analogy)

I’m not paying myself “less” and I have no idea where you got that from. I’m paying myself MORE because I’m giving the buyer options.

Have you ever bought a car? If you have, then you’ve heard the dealer offer you various price points based on the OPTIONS you chose.

Do me a favor. Read my original post again and tell me PRECISELY where you got the idea I was “encouraging” sellers prices based on the chance to close a sale.

I was plainly encourating sellers to GIVE OPTIONS.

A car is a product. A discount for a product is just a reduction in profit margin. Providing it isn’t a loss to the company and you can scale the sales of products without scaling labor, time or energy.

Freelance work is a service. A discount to a service requires expending the same amount of energy, labour and time as you would for your regular pricing, but for less income.

If you’ve engineered your business so that you’re making a fantastic and appropriate or more-than-appropriate wage for your business even when you offer a lower price, power to you. But most sellers who read your post aren’t going to do that. They’re just going to think: I’ll charge less for some people to ensure I get a sale and then underpay themselves to do it.

In any case, I’m happy it’s working for you, but you don’t need to adjust service costs based on who’s paying in order to close sales and your post implies that it’s a good idea or even necessary sometimes. Personally I’d prefer fewer sales at my normal, market-value pricing for less time and labor than more sales for a lower wage and more time and/or energy expended.

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“Freelance work is a service.”

Yeah. Tell that to the sculptor who makes custom vases. Tell that to the writer who provides a manuscript or ghostwritten novel.

“But most buyers who read your post aren’t going to do that.”

They won’t? Ok. Sure. Right.

“ou don’t need to adjust service costs based on who’s paying”

Yeah. If you’re selling your work for pennies, there’s not bunch of room left to offer options.

By the way, a quick look at your profile shows you have 7-different gigs with 3-prie points each. You know what those are called? Ah, what’s the word. Oh yeah – OPTIONS.

If I were selling gigs at $5 - $25 each then yeah, there’s not a whole lot of room for price points.

My top gig goes for $10K and I’ve sold four this year – so far.

I think I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.


My packages are tiers, not different price points for the same thing.

They’re different price points because they contain different features.

As I said, “power to you.” I’m just telling you the impact of that kind of messaging has on sellers here. That’s all.

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