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Pricing In the Buyer's Requests?

I hope this hasn’t been covered already; I did look before posting –

As a new Seller, I use up at least 7-8 of my allotted offers every day and I think I’ve gotten better at writing my offer according to what the potential buyer wants. But I’m still uncertain about one thing – Pricing!

Right now, my prices are at the minimum 5/10/15, but sometimes the buyer will have a budget of $50 or even more. It’s these cases that I’m uncertain of how to bid. If, on the one hand, I bid my usual charge for the job, it may seem as if I’m devaluing my work, thereby scaring them off, but on the other hand, I also don’t want to bid their budget amount, as it shows on my gig what my pricing is and so it may seem that I’m trying to be greedy. I mean, if my usual price for a job is $10, but I bid $75, how will that look?

What’s a Seller to do?


You should bid what you think the job is worth and you should bid what your gig sells for. If the buyer looks at your gigs to check you out then they’re going to get annoyed if your gig says $10 but your offer says $70. You can put in your offer something that helps the buyer realise that you do understand the work requirement. Even if it’s just “I know I have to do x,y, and z. Although this work may be valued at $80 I’m happy to do the work for the $10 ‘new seller’ discount as per my gig descriptions”.


Ooooh, I love that idea! Thanks so much for that, :smiley:

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Hello tee_hi,
When one of my client’s budget is more than what my gig offer I usually try to offer more special services by adding other nice extra stuff that makes the final product much more higher quality than what the original gig offer.

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That’s a great idea, too! I think between the both of your ideas, I know how to go forward from here.

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As i am a new seller,the idea is very helpful for me.Thanks Lot!!

This happens quite often. Many sellers will bid the buyer’s max bid. Trust me when I tell you, the buyer has many offers and will check out the seller/gig profile that is of interest.

If you bid $75 but your gig page says $10 and I really like you; I will just order from your gig page. Why would I pay $65 more?

I, on the other hand, delete those sellers who try to rip me off. There is a delete function on BR that I can use to remove seller’s that I am not interested in.

As a side note: I had a seller who bid $25 on a $35 project. She did exceptional job so I ended up giving her the $10 in tip at the end of the order. Since then, I’ve hired her again as a repeat seller.

It’s up to you to decide how to proceed.


Thank you so much! I don’t always comment, but I’ve noticed you give great advice on every forum I’ve read you on.