*** Pricing Increase *** - Jive your Five today!


Hey all!

Since day one, our jingle/songwriting GIG has been a favorite of ours and our clients. We firmly believe that we are the BEST of it’s kind on fiverr.

We currently offer a 30 second, full band production WITH lyric writing for only $5!!! We custom write each track and taylor it to your business or service.

When we reached level 1 we added a few add-ons to allow for easier ordering for longer projects, but still offered the full service for 30 seconds at only $5.

We have recently been bumped to level 2 and have decided to maximize our earnings potential and bring our services closer to their true value by revamping our pricing structure.

Outside of fiverr, our services carry a price range from $300 to well over $1,000.00 per project!

If our product can demand that much value, then why do we bother with fiverr you ask?

Fiverr has allowed us to gain an invaluable amount of inspiration and experience, as well as provided validation of our talents and shown us what is really capable in our markets.

We are nearing the final stage of our full scale operations deployment for professional services, outside of fiverr, and have decided NOT to terminate our fiverr account, as we believe this is a truly remarkable marketplace and has a solid place in our continued development.

With that being said, our new pricing will go into effect next week and we want to notify our existing and potential clients that NOW is the time to snatch up a FULL production piece for only $5!!!

You can view our GIG here:


There is a short sample of some of our other fiverr productions on our “High Fiverr” GIG below, as well:


Please feel free to ask any questions before you order and come Jive your Five NOW!

Thanks and many fiverr’s!!! m/

ron / kevin