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'Pricing' info won't save

Hey, I just made my first gig but I am experiencing some inconvenience. When I go to the ‘Pricing’ settings and add the information for gig extras, it will not save when I press the ‘Save’ button. When I press the ‘Save’ button, the entire page disappears and when I go to my gig or settings, the information is not there.

Does anyone have a way to fix this? It is very unfortunate because I can’t add the ‘fast’ and other extra options to my Gig.

same thing is happening to me, actually the pricing wouldn’t even save while I was creating my gig. I didn’t get to the requirements either… can someone reply to this question???

same here

Even when I save it it changes my gig extras to “commercial use” and “project file” then three of my extras???

Yeah this is happening to me too, I hope they fix it soon.

I too, can’t even finish creating my gig

If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

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