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Pricing Issues within fiverr

I have a gig I would like to do, however, the prices here do not allow it. I’d love to build people gaming computers, however the maximum price I can set it as is $995 USD. For extremely high tier gaming computers it can cost from anywhere up to $3200 USD. Mind you I would allow fiverr to check my logs and etc on payments and orders. I would also like to be able to set price ranges on fiverr. Ex: They pay a 10% of the total cost of the PC and they can choose how much money they pay to get a gaming PC. This range would have a minimum and maximum range. If this is possible please do this as soon as possible. If it isn’t that would be completely alright I just felt it was worth a shot to ask. I didn’t know where to take this so I took it here. Thank you for your time!


You can send custom offers up to $5000. But I don’t think Fiverr is really set up for this (eg. you couldn’t have a guarantee >30 days because of the terms of service I think). You could have a gig where you recommend parts for it/what hardware would be best.

The problem with this type of gig is that you will have to exchange personal information such as an address. This can lead to you doing further business with a client outside of Fiverr and that is frowned upon since they would no longer get their cut. Plus it is again TOS to exchange such information.