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Pricing Model for Gigs

Good Evening,

I wanted to share quite a few things about tough questions that we face daily. Pricing Model! How can I price myself - not devaluation my services - or using “Click Bait”

I am a firm believer of Transparent Pricing Model rather then Click Bait that a lot of sellers use here. What I have seen is that client trust you, and they become sticky (if you see my profile most of my orders are repeat orders).

Over past few months I have been experimenting with pricing in my account. Each sale previously I felt that I was under cutting my services and quality of work. So slowly I started to move to more normalized pricing model that I charge my client. Yes, I am increasing my prices.

Advantages, I don’t get cheap enquires who are just wanting to get really cheap job done. So a lot of my work for saying “No” has reduced.

Now most of the enquiries that I get a are from clients who actually want quality work, This is why they will choose someone with higher pricing. Those clients who are willing spend more money usually don’t have time, so they will not be bothered to get the best deal, but will be focused to get the best quality.

Which is why my closing rate have gone up. I am able to close more clients. I have also made my gig more “simple” added Add-On for clients to buy like for pages in WordPress or additional services, so some of my gig haven’t got the pricing shocks. So of them I have increased.

Apart from that I am now trying a new concept where I can offer a “Collection” where I have my gig for Ultimate E-Commerce Package ( a package that will help me to boost sales immediately.

Using fiverr for past few years, I must say that we are getting good quality buyers from Fiverr now. We are getting people who are willing to spend money to get quality work.

Hoping to make a great August!