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Pricing specifics

Hello. I’m a new Fiverr seller, and I have a question for the Fiverr experts.

I want to charge an hourly rate for the services I offer on one of my gigs. However, it looks like I can only charge a flat fee. Am I understanding the layout of the seller interface correctly?

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Yes, you have 3 packages you can include in one gig, you can estimate the price based on the complexity of the work and the time it will take you for each package. You can also put extras which can increase the price and delivery time in exchange for something extra added to the package


I may not have clearly stated what I’m trying to do. The gig in question is remote tech support, so I can’t always give an accurate estimate of how long it will take to complete the repair. The price I’m trying to set is supposed to be a per-hour labor fee. Does that appear in a different interface that I haven’t seen yet?

You’ll need to do something along the lines of “up to 1/3/5 hours of support” and then charge for additional hours as a gig extra. That being said, you’re going to get buyers who buy your basic “up to 1 hour” of support and try to ask you to do a task that’s impossible in that timeframe.

You may need to rethink how you would approach your support. Maybe offer a 10-20 minute consultation at a flat rate and then go from there.


You can’t do that, the price is fixed

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