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Pricing When You're A Level 0

I’m interested in hearing from those who have been demoted from TRS or level 2 to 0. How did you handle your prices? Did you decrease them? Kept them the same?

Do buyers think that because you’re a level 0, they should be paying $5/$10 instead of $20/$30+?


Just got demoted and not putting my prices down.


I keep my prices the same. My customers and sales potential is not dictated by the seller level that I have here on Fiverr. I am still the same skilled seller, same value, same services, regardless or whether I have no level, or Level 2.


i just lowered my prices on my #1 gig. I haven’t had an order since I was demoted to 0. I think it’s an issue of competition.

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I’m a level 0 and my prices start at $15.


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I agree with @jonbaas. I would price my gigs based on the quality of my products/services (and the price I think these premium-quality products deserve) and not my seller level.

However, if you think your current prices are a little on the higher side and are probably the reason why your sales are drying up, you could consider lowering your prices as having a higher price albeit with no sales is just pointless.


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Thank you, let me do that

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I haven’t changed prices since going to Level 0. I do have less orders but this is for a variety of reasons not related to level (although it could be partly to do with that I guess).
Nobody has challenged my prices since so I don’t see it as an issue. No buyer has ever mentioned either achieving TRS or losing it, or indeed anything about levels to me, ever.

Look at communicating value - if you still offer the same service level you did as TRS then there is no reason to change your prices. As a suggestion, you could look at things like having a lower starting package with reduced service so your price starts at a lower price but the amount of work you do is lowered too.
I am going to look at that soon, when I get some time to go through my gigs and assess what could be cut back on and still be useful to people at a lower price and take me less time.


Few buyers seem to pay attention to levels. I don’t think prices matter in relation to levels. I think reviews and number of them are what buyers may look at most.


Being demoted to level zero means you need to raise prices.

I’m stuck there due to:

  • Low budget scammers who order a single $15 article before saying "I need 2 x pages of content which must meet submission guidelines for…" - No. You ordered 1 article with zero revisions. I’m canceling. Please get out of my life.
  • Late deliveries caused predominantly by people demanding several revisions on basic orders. i.e. Mr or Mrs $100 order always leaves 5-stars, whereas Mr or Mrs "I need this $15 press release to get picked up by Fox" spends days whining "Umm I think it could be catchier. We spell life coaching ‘couching’ in America, please amend accordingly," and generally behave like time termites.
  • Cancellations and late deliveries caused by resellers suddenly deciding to order daily bluk amounts of content without prior discussion.

I actually plan on raising my prices exponentially. However, I’ve used reduced sales volumes lately to relaunch my personal website, market it, and enjoy time out. It depends on how confident you are in your ability to deliver a product of high enough quality. However, St. Levels demotions to me are more representative of workflow problems than the quality of deliveries themselves.


I can confirm this to be a major factor. Many of my clients have told me exactly this when hiring me. Buyers want to know that the seller they choose to hire can do a great job with their order. Reviews aren’t the only thing that matter, but it does seem to be a lot more important then any seller level.


I’m a new seller on Fiverr. Just started my first gig 4 days ago, and my starting price for my gig is $100. For me, reviews and lower prices won’t let me down even though I am fighting on logo design section which has as low as $5 for a logo. The most crucial thing in business is to get your customer trust. I have talked with few sellers that have 1K+ reviews that sell for $100. It takes time to succeed.

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Yes it will! … :clock1: :clock2::clock3::clock4::clock5::clock6::clock7::clock8::clock9::clock10::clock1030::clock11::clock12:

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Also, I’m agreed with Fiverr to do this because people are just going to throw up their prices to get people to buy their services. You are ruining the market! People will look at these services are cheap, why pay more when you can get cheaper?

I’m glad you are taking a stand. Let them all start high!

And so what if when you do a google search of their logos, google brings back the search term “clipart”. :

I have purchased from over 20 buyers on Fiverr not once have I looked at the seller level I mostly look at the reviews. and I believe most buyers are like this


If they were using clipart, we can’t do anything if their buyers liked it.

The only problem is copyright.

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If they didn’t like it they could do something like this:

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