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Pricing your services... Tips?


I couldn’t find anywhere that helped me to price up my list of services. Currently, I have done it simply by comparing my services to others on Fiverr- I worry that this could lead to price competition and unnecessary losses on my end. Does anybody have any tips for pricing your services at a reasonable price to deter those “barter hungry buyers?”


Price competition is part of being in business. Embrace it. Find ways to make your services more appealing than your competitors – whether this be lower prices, higher prices, a unique twist on your services, etc. There are dozens of ways in which you can productively compete against other sellers in your category (and you will have to figure these ways out on your own – doing so is also part of being in business).

When it comes to pricing, specifically… price your services at what you feel they are worth, and what your specific market will bear. This is YOUR business. You need to be the one to determine what is best for your business and the goals you wish to achieve.


When I first started I started with $5 gigs to get buyers, but as I got more and more buyers and repeat buyers and great reviews I incrementally increased my prices by about $2 a month. I’m now at $15 for 350 words, which I think is fair considering all of my content is 100% original and I work on it hard. I agree with @jonbaas to price what you think you are worth. If you think you are worth $20 per gig, price at $20. If you’re new though you may consider starting slightly lower to get the buyers in and reviews then increase prices. Worked for me :slight_smile: Good luck!


I work full-time as an SEO Manager and handle 15 clients single-handedly 48 hours a week.

Until now I have been working at an SEO company; however, as I am highly confident in my current skill-set, I have decided to work freelance as well to increase my income.

At this point, you could consider me a workaholic. At the tender age of 24, I have already gained so much experience; which only could have been gained through the very real process of being dropped in the deep end.

From this post, it already seems like the Fiverr community is great and I look forward to learning more about this platform and how you other sellers have managed to become successful!

I’m hoping that I’m able to build my Fiverr account up at a reasonable speed!

If you have any more fantastic tips, I’m all ears!


*Embracing price competition


So you are confident in your skillset but you don’t know how much your work is really worth?


Alright then. I wish you luck. Hopefully your immense experience at age 24, your world-class, single-handed, take-on-the-world skills, and your drive for unparalleled, speedy success will serve you well here on Fiverr.


I price the gigs based on how complicated they are, and how many orders I want to get.

I also look at what others are charging, how many people they have on their queues, etc. In the end, you have to know what you want to do and for how much. For example, writing TV commercials takes a long time, which is why I’m charging $50. Ironically, I haven’t gotten a single order at $50, in a few days, I will have to lower my price to $20 and see if the orders come back.


I guess like anything it’s important to stay adaptive to the market. How is your commercial writing going?


I know how much my work is worth. Where I currently work I charge £50/hour and my clients are more than happy to pay this. On Fiverr however, I could do the same work and it is valued much lower- this is my point! :slight_smile:


Wrong. If you are that confident in your skills, just set your price equal to your real-life price and clients will come to you no matter what. If they don’t then 1) Your gigs aren’t worth that price, at least in your potential clients perspective or 2) You’re lying about your experiences.


wrong. People come to my company looking for experienced professionals that will carry out on-going SEO for large clients. People come to Fiverr most often for quick jobs at minimal cost. It’s a very different marketplace.


Yeah, good luck with that mindset.


you have read 4k posts and liked only 2. I have a slight feeling it’s you that has a negative mindset. none the less, thanks for your input.