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Primary Gig image didn't take changes


Yesterday I was created a new gig, after complete my creation I was thinking that my primary gig image not so good. That’s why I was going to changed my primary image, when I delete that image it didn’t take my changes but I’m permanently delete that image from those gig. But still now that image stay in my gig as a primary image. Please give me a suggestion what can I do now for that?


Sometimes it’s take up to 48 Hours for update if you successfully uploaded the Primary image. But not for all time.
tips: reload the page then again upload the image :slight_smile:


Thanks for your important information but I was already done you tips suggestion still nothing change here.


it was happen for me also. But I have contract with customer support team. Then It was solved. So you can go also customer support.


Leave it for a few hours and be patient. it will appear if you successfully uploaded it. :slightly_smiling_face:


May be, I thought also :slight_smile:


Ok thanks I will do this.


Thanks for your helpful suggestion.


I don’t know why the fiverr has so basic bug and reported by people and not solved at all