Prime example of how a designer can bring you into legal trouble


While there is not mentioned that a Fiverr seller was used, this video may spark some awareness when it comes to chose and check with whom you are dealing with. Especially if you are a professional business and want to go the cheap route with your packaging. If this is the case, buckle up. It can be quite expensive to go for cheap.

I can't find the cheap Gigs anymore?

Whoa! I hope the pic thieves take note. :eyes:

Forget about the saying “a pic is worth a thousand words.”

A pic is worth thousands of dollars. :money_mouth_face:


thing is most buyers couldn’t understand it. And some are didn’t know about image policy or copyright. Most of buyers looking cheap and quality work.


Just because clients want you to deliver cheap work, that doesn’t mean that you must accept it and do legal compromises for it.

ontopic: Wow, that story is interesting. But what shocked me is the incredible fees they paid. I guess the best way is to always be sure you are using/buying properly credited work. :slight_smile:


Yes, the lawyers made a very good cut here. Most of it :joy:


Yes, but not knowing about it doesn’t prevent them from punishment.
This is also the reason why I stated over and over again that this whole category is for soccer mom clients, not for professional business clients.


so sad. about 95% of buyers does not understand copyright issues and wants to get done animations, artworks, promos, stickers and all kinds of products based on international characters or brands. When i explain to them about copyrights, they just keep telling me " why cant you do this? its no big deal. ".

I reject at all costs. This saves the buyer and the seller.