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Prime example of why Sellers should be able to Cancel Orders/Block Buyers

This just happened:

Buyer: HELLO i need logo for my business after 1 hours, you can do that

Me: How many logos and how complicated are they? An hour isn’t a lot of time.

Buyer: ok i order now

Order Notification comes up.

Buyers notes: i need logo after 1 hour you can do that

Me: Extra fast delivery is $10 and I need details about your logo.

Buyer: hi am sending you a logo design i would like it replicated with the core in gold the company name is ABC or all caps ABC the word “ABC” in blue and “DEF” in black.

—Proceeds to send me a .JPG file that is from 1984 at best and says: it simple, do not delay work

Me: Again, if you want extra fast delivery, it’s an additional $10 and you will receive it within 24 hours. I DID NOT agree to do this in one hour.

—5 minutes pass.

Buyer: i’m waiting where is it

Now buyer is refusing mutual cancellation.

Super Pushy Buyer & Account was created just this month… I mean, am I being punk’d? I’m a little worried about these people who are making fake profiles just give negative reviews.

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Report asap! Unfortunately it does seem way too easy to create another account to either buy your own service to boost your rating or sabotage possible future competition. :frowning:

If they won’t agree to a mutual cancellation and are clearly demanding things you didn’t agree to provide, then open a ticket with customer support - they’ll fix it easy-peasy.

Oh great. So sorry

Reported - Thanks Guys!!

A little unrelated to your situation but I’ve received many… Well. Inappropriate requests for my video gig. Yes I can contact customer support, but I get so many that it just becomes tiring and some do not understand that keep it G means no. Not to mention the random people that seem to think Fiverr is the next dating site and attempt to get my Facebook and other personal information. If we could block buyers/people that harass like so, that’d be awesome.

Customer Support will have your back, you never consented to the order after the request and the pushiness and refusal to cancel is amazing! Some people need to be set on fire…

Don’t actually set them on fire–too much clean-up and mess (ahem) that fantasy somehow neglects (personally, I enjoy each shriek of pain as they magically turn into invisible dust that I don’t need to deal with as I carry on being awesome and successful).

Glad you got the problem sorted. They get a lot of flak here, but I’ve always found them to fair, even when the judgement hasn’t been what I would have wished. In the meantime, mental pyrotechnics!

I’m having problems with buyers agreeing to a price (for a custom order) and then when I submit the final order, they demand more artwork for no extra price. It sucks because I’ve already spent all that time working on the gig and they ‘reject’ it and ask for a modification where they want 15 other things drawn when they paid for 3.

Reply to @lovefromsam: Are you marking them as spam? I’d start there… I can’t believe people are harassing you for that, seems so inappropriate!!

Reply to @emmaki: Emma, I ALWAYS love your responses on the forum – I laughed when I read the line about setting people on fire.

Customer Service was great - Took only a few hours to get a response and they helped me get rid of it.

Reply to @veeveeyan: That’s when you cancel the order. I had this happen the other day where the buyer completely changed what she wanted from what she asked for in the requests. I copy and pasted the original request and said “I based my Custom Offer off this criteria, what you’re asking for now is fully customized. You can either pay my customization fee or we can mutual cancel this order.” They opted for the mutual cancellation.

Don’t let a buyer push you around - It’s not worth it for 5 or even 20 bucks.