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Primeira venda no Fiverr

I’ve been at Fiverr for 4 days and I’m really discouraged. No matter how low the price of your GIG is, you are a drop in an ocean and the website does not give you a chance to promote your GIG within it with advertising. :sob: :sob: :sob:

How did you get your first sale? :thinking:
How did you find out how to reach customers?

How I got my first order, is not how you’ll get yours, so knowing how I achieved success isn’t likely to be helpful to you. Each seller is different, and each seller has a different target market.

Market research. I understand my target customers, and I know how to connect to them.

I got my first order by providing a service that someone needed. For some reason, they found my gig attractive and decided to give my gig a try. Maybe it was the video I made for my gig, maybe it was the samples I created, maybe it was the way I described my gig, maybe it was the price. Who knows? All I know for sure is I created a service that was in demand and someone found it interesting enough to make a purchase.

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