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Priority orders don't show up

I’m having a problem today and I’m curios if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. When I click on ’ Sales ’ I don’t see any of my priority orders… even though I have more than 60… in queue

I am having the same issue today. No order show up and i need to complete them.

Its working now!

Yes,it is

I saw the bug earlier yesterday, but it lasted only a minute or so.

Today I’ve had the bug for more than 30 minutes and I have around 150 orders in queue. Fortunately I still have 15 hours to deliver the next order.

I hope it gets fixed soon.

It’s happening again… now

Its working over here.

Yeah, It’s fine right now. However, this morning everything in the priority list was gone for around 1 hour.

That could be really stressful if you need to deliver an order at that time. That’s why I always deliver around 1 day earlier than expected.