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Privacy (does fiverr...)?


Does anyone know if Fiverr looks through the docs I get from or send to my customers?


Yes they do, just as they have access to messages and everything else.

Why wouldn’t they?


do they do that every time ?


They certainly can do - if you’re sending/receiving something you shouldn’t, I’d pack it in now!


no, I mean, is it 100% that they check every single document or they can do that, but once in a while? I don’t have anything “like that” just curious))


One question - do you want to risk it?


No, i am just wondering about privacy in here and that’s basically it


There is no privacy with any of your communications on Fiverr.


Okay, that’s the answer i wanted to hear. Thank you!


Sorry about the off-topic, but…

Madmoo’s tagline: You found me! Don’t waste your time and money looking elsewhere!

Your tagline: You found me! Don’t waste your time looking elsewhere!


When Madmoo says it, it’s a good business tagline

When Vianmd says it, it’s plagiarism

When I say it, it’s “workplace harassment” and “inappropriate” and “illegal”.

Screw society’s double standards!


You didn’t get it.

When you utilize his services, you won’t be wasting any money, only :clock1:


i think my tagline is not your business, guys. peace


Actually, I’ll have to side with @viyanmd at this time.

He asked a technical question looking for the precise answer.

His tagline is only his, his Customer’s and Fiverr’s business.

I don’t see any, “can you assist me in coming up with a better tagline?” question around.

Let’s nurture the good will among Sellers and help when we can, without resorting to playing Policeman or Advisor - roles no one gave us or asked us to play.


You forgot @madmoo, who he stole it from. I mean, if you’re going to steal taglines, @madmoo is a pretty stupid target.

Anyway, he changed it. So clearly this unsolicited and unwanted yet perfectly good advice was heeded with only tutting and no thanks. The ingratitude of it all!

Yes. You certainly didn’t do that. At all.

Oh, lawdy, aren’t we all such desperate hypocrites here?