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Privacy issue


A seller who has done great gigs for me has her page blocked. I tried going to her page and it said I could not contact her directly because of privacy issues. She told me she does not know why she was blocked. I can give you her name and some order numbers of great work she has done. I am wondering what is meant by privacy issues.


Thanks for your answer.


Thank you. She has another profile and asked me to inquire. Thank you for your answer. It helps.


How did the seller tell you she does not know what she is blocked? That means you must have her direct contact information, right? That is against the Terms of Use of Fiverr by the way. But when you get privacy notices, it means they are usually investigating something about that seller.

And do not post the sellers name here, this is just a discussion forum, and posting a users name publically is against the rules.

For now you may have to just look for another seller.