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Private Feedback - Client Unable To Leave Top Rating

Interesting one here, and I’m conscious that this may well be a ‘user issue’ rather than a Fiverr issue. But, as we all know, the topic is feedback/reviews, and I daredn’t ask my client for more info, in case someone in CS slaps us down with a ‘feedback manipulation’ warning…

Long and short - the client was asked to complete private feedback, and messaged me this screen saying “I can’t give you the top feedback score due to your profile picture being in the way.”

If this is a one-off with this client, not really an issue. I also noticed that the client was using IE, so I kind of hinted (without asking her to check) that perhaps a different browser might provide a different result. But if this is happening to other users and across browsers, this is a pretty serious issue, as we all know how important private feedback is…

Anyone else seen this? Had this reported to them?

Screenshot attached - sorry it’s so low res, this is what the client sent me.

Screen Issue


Last time I left private feedback for a buyer the display was clear. Yes, it’s probably the browser.

You could tell them that Fiverr is designed for Chrome … see what they say …


Thanks! Update; the client tried Chrome, and it worked fine.

Being totally honest, this client is kind of… ‘old school’ - the screenshot was pasted into a word doc and sent to us, and the version of IE they were using did look pretty ancient. Hopefully, most clients will have up-to-date browsers so this doesn’t become an issue.