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Private feedback from clients effect a lot your Fiverr business

Hello Every one,

I am web designer and WordPress website developer. I always be polite to my clients, listen them, respond quickly, answer their questions, Work according to their requirements and provide free After support.

I made a support mistake, I couldn’t made fixes for them quickly and I think they didn’t left good private feed back for me and my Fiverr business gone down and I am getting very low traffic and got just 1 order in last 60 days :frowning:

Please take care so your clients leave good private feedback.

I have made the same experience recently on a customer. I had only 5 Star Reviews with repeating Customers.
But this one private Feedback had killed my traffic.

This is disproportionate. I have now stoped my freelance Work on Fiverr and moved on.

Funny thing, customer officially gave me 5 Stars…

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