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Private feedback - is this new?

Today I ordered a voice over service, I completed the order and got PRIVATE FEEDBACK page, is this a new features?
Applicable to all category of job or just voice over?

I have ordered several times before from the same person and others too, but never got that private feedback option…

I have never heard about it. If you wouldn’t mind can you attach a screenshot here if it pops up again?

Maybe the seller sent it to you? Reviews are public.

I thought of taking a screenshot, but I didn’t… it came right after I submit 5star ratings to the seller.

no not from the seller, that review pop is different. It had a slider on it range from poor to awesome… With a title PRIVATE FEEDBACK, this is for fiverr official - seller will not know about this rating…

No screenshot?

no sorry, as it was written private feedback in bold- I thought it won’t be a good idea to take a screenshot and share it in public.

You did the right thing not posting it because you never what might turn a big problem for you on fiverr :slight_smile: But like all others, I am also very curious to know about this private feedback thing :slight_smile:


You can post it on here no problem! It’s not in the Terms of Service not to post it.

Why would posting it turn into a big problem?

ok. but I don’t see that anymore after I submit the feedback.
I have placed another VO order with a different buyer (not for checking this private feedback though lol), If I get the same popup again I will post it here. :slight_smile:

Sometimes, being new on fiverr makes you extra cautious misscyrstal. Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

As long as you stick to the forum rules and black out user names while posting screen shots for example you have nothing to worry about.

As for the new feature it has been confirmed.

Thanks for the info.

Okay, I closed another order and here it pops up again. As @annai80 says it is now confirmed, so I am posting a screenshot have a look.

Private Feedback

Not really sure if this ratings have any participation in gigs ranking or not. :slight_smile:

I am so completely against private feedback. How can I trust that the feedback from a seller is the full feedback, what if a not so nice seller only gets the positive feedback, imagine seen 1000 positive feedback and you never see the 20,000 negative feedback thats under private feedback?

I am wondering why it was implemented and what’s to come. We sellers should get the opportunity to rate our experience with the buyer as well.

I was wondering the same lol?

Wow very interesting! Thanks for sharing!! For some reason I noticed a very big spike to a few of my gigs which have made me pleasantly happy. Hope they keep ranking up higher!