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Private feedback to your work:important than public feedback

Sellers those who have not made any purchase on fiverr perhaps don’t know about private feedback. Once you deliver your work buyer leave feedback. They provide a private feedback also to Fiverr team. A buyer may be kind enough to give you a positive feedback though your work was not satisfactory, they can leave negative feedback to Fiverr team.

This has a significant role on your gig performance.

Buyer must answer a question : How was your overall experience with this seller? They can give poor to awesome rating.
Additionally they give to text answer. What did you love about this gig? and How can the seller improve?

Try your best to deliver best work so buyer don’t hesitate to give a awesome private feedback.


Have no idea on this as a new seller. Thanks for sharing this information.

I have heard of this. Very interesting.


OMG!! will definitely be more careful next time :slight_smile:
Thank u

Thank you for the sharing

i never knew about this…May be based on that feedback Fiverr team rank the gigs on fiverr recommendations…

It’s brand new by the way.

First time ever hearing about this, albeit I’m a pretty recent seller. I’ll for sure keep it in mind! Thanks!

That’s absolutely right. So instead of pushing your buyers to give you best rating, it would be great of your work pushes them for you. Good to share it @oinspire


I always deliver the work and wait for my buyer’s feedback crossing my fingers :slight_smile:
It’s a true reward. Brings smile on my face.
So need to work hard to get that.
Money is there. But this is something different :slight_smile:

I would like to see my secret reviews.

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Leaving private feedback is optional. I haven’t seen any of it yet. I love how they’ve changed the way one leaves feedback to make the tip more prominent though - it’s a 3 page process now rather than just one (on the buyers side)

Personal feedback related to the level of the refund on paypal.

Last month one of buyer’s said they rated me but i didnt receive any rating from her… and the order was completed automatically… So i guess they rated me using a private feedback lol ! i thought there was some bug due to which i didnt receive the rating :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing this crucial information.

A user can skip the first screen of feedback which is visible to sellers and all. Then they can directly rate you privately on second screen.

There is two text input field that is optional. But there is one select option which is required.

If there is no public feedback there can not be any private feedback also. If someone leave public feedback must leave a private feedback.