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Private Gig Collection Option

I would like the option to create collections that are private. I rather not allow others to see certain gigs that I’ve collected. It’s not a big deal if they never create this option, but it would be nice. Just a thought.

Reply to @clixess: Personally, I don’t care if my gigs were in private collections because I don’t rely on collections to get sales. I rely on advertising & repeat buyers, so that doesn’t bother me. I rarely look at other people collections anyway.

Agreed. This option is needed.

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I think this option will harm us more than benefits us. Imagine that for each collection you make private, your gigs get put in private collections as well, but by tens or even hundreds of buyers. I mean that not only the gigs you collect can be put in private collections, but the gigs you sell as well. What would you chose, to be able to hide some of the gigs you like to hide and get your gigs hidden as well, or not to have this option? After all, you can still collect gigs privetly, but with tools outside of Fiverr, using a spreadsheet for example, or by bookmarking them with your favorite bookmarking service.

I think this is an awesome idea with some of the new features, you can use gigs to help promote through a trackable links and collect subscribers