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Private message being reviewed

I sent a private message to a seller requesting for his service but fiverr said it’s been reviewed by their trust and safety team since its suspected to be a spam or maybe i was trying to sell my service
It was just the first personal message i sent to the seller and I was trying to hire him for my company’s logo design.


If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

If you just contacted a reasonable number of designers to consider making a purchase from one of them, you won’t be in any trouble. System might have been triggered by a link or you sending exactly the same message to several people. If anything goes wrong, just explain your situation to the support, they are generally helpful and understanding, albeit somewhat slow to reply.


@alyonagrapie thks for the advice but I only sent one message to one seller only and there was no link attached.

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I got another message now that it’s been marked as spam message

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I don’t understand.

It looks like you are messaging yourself.

This says you’re messaging a buyer to purchase with a service but you’re actually a seller fulfilling that exact service.

This doesn’t make sense.

I can only deduce that you’re spamming a buyer to get him to buy from you. That is not allowed.

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Where have you seen that?

@adefmade doesn’t provide logos - his profile offers CAD/technical drawings etc.

And it would appear he’s messaging a logo designer to enquire about a logo. All looks legit to me?


The system probably thought it was a link / URL because you put “design . thks” with no spaces in between.
Maybe what it thought was a url was the reason for the flag (though I would have thought buyers would be allowed to post URLs when necessary).

Unless it was the seller that flagged it as spam, but it doesn’t seem like it. Maybe it got auto-flagged and the trust and safety team mistakenly confirmed it as spam when it wasn’t.


Because in the screenshot the inquiring message asking for a sale is from “Me” and also it’s his own gig.

Plus his post says he’s asking a buyer for a sale (spam), yet the screenshot is showing he’s a buyer actually asking to make a purchase. It doesn’t make sense.

None of this makes sense unless he’s spamming and messaging himself.

The screenshot shows a prospective purchase, not a message responding to an inquiry about a sale.

And it says the Sender is “Me” (himself)

It looks like he’s messaging himself to help his ratings or something.

In any case we aren’t allowed to message buyers to ask them for a sale.

I think that’s the reason it got automatically flagged.

@adefmade, please leave a space between the period after “design” and “thks”. That should solve the issue.


He said in this post:


I just read it now…I think I was too quick to reply…

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But why would it say “Me” as the sender in the screenshot unless he himself posted that message?

I’m pretty sure he’s messaging himself about his own gig and that’s why he got flagged.

And in his message he says he’s a seller selling something, but the screenshot depicts a buyer inquiring about a sale — and he is the one who sent it (“Me”).

In any case you can’t message buyers and ask for sales.

You do realize it’s not possible to message yourself, right?


I think this is a typo by the OP, one I’ve made before, confusing buyer and seller. This is a buyer, asking a logo designer if they would design a logo for them. It says so in the message. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. He corrects himself in the next line;


May be you Visited Seller’s profile…check OP’s !
There is no such gig !

Also when we chat on mobile app, its show ‘ME’ instead of our own name :slight_smile:


Yes it is. And why does it say “Me” as the sender?

Human, I checked both accounts. They belong fto different users.


Because he sent the message, to a seller called “mohsinshah786” who is a logo designer, which also explains why his original message was enquiring about having a logo designed.


Hmmm…maybe because he is the sender?


Then when he said he sent a message to a buyer he must have meant seller.

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