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Private message on buyer request

Is it possible for us to send private messages on buyer requests?


You’re not allowed to send a direct message to a buyer who has posted a request unless they contact you first (and if they’re a buyer only it would be impossible to do anyway I think). You can send an offer to their request though.


Yesterday i have post a buyer request and two sellers sends me a direct message how’s it possible?


It’s possible but not allowed by Fiverr rules. It doesn’t show the username on the web version - I don’t know if it does on the app. It might do. It’s possible to get the username on the web version though, at least of users who have a profile image (either from the image properties or the source) but the rules don’t allow messaging like I said so I assume they could get in trouble if Fiverr found out.


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Check this!

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Yes, like I said above, it’s possible, at least with buyers who have a profile image (either through the app if it shows it - it might or through the browser version even though it doesn’t display it in the normal buyer requests screen).

This is a link where it says it’s not allowed:

Avoid contacting a buyer directly via inbox message. Buyers may view this as spam, and if reported, it will affect your communication flexibility.

Thanks for guiding me…

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On fiverr you can contact a seller but not to a buyer.

Maybe you’re a seller too? From what I’ve learned and read here in the Forum, it’s never possible for a seller to directly contact a buyer. There are only few exceptions:

  • If the buyer is also a seller, then it’s possible because sellers can be contacted directly.
  • If there have already been previous contact between the two. In this case the seller could just go in the inbox and find your old conversation and send you a message there.

NO Its is no possible.

If the buyer is also seller then contacting him also violating the fiverr policy

If you a Fiverr seller then every seller can easily direct message you. But if you a buyer, then nobody can message you first. Because Every buyer can give a massage to any seller. Every buyer’s knocking option is always hidden for the seller. I hope you understand.

A message, not a massage.

Random strangers being able to break into a seller’s home to give them a massage would be creepy. And illegal.

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