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Private messaging forum feature is not an invitation for you to spam other forum members


I love the private messaging forum feature, and if you send me spam I am also going to love the fact that I can flag you to the moderators for spamming, and then send you a private message telling you I’ve done so.


Too bad I can’t like your post 50 times. Or more. :heart:


Since you brought this up…

The forum messaging feature is new and a lot of people like it. You don’t have to watch yourself quite as closely since you can at least say something like “I hope this buyer will pay me what I’m worth” without getting flagged for the word pay.

I do see a lot of potential for trouble. I’ve received many useful and interesting forum PM’s and have had some nice chats. That’s great! I’ve also noticed that some people think a few lines of chat means that you are best buddies and they can send you anything. If it is offensive/gross/personal/creepy - no - please don’t do that. Also, please don’t spam as @capitalquality said, as forum PM’s can be flagged.

Finally, don’t forget that the forum still belongs to Fiverr. if you violate the forum rules or ToS or even say something you shouldn’t about someone - it could get back to Fiverr staff. People can also take screenshots of your forum PM’s. I suggest using them cautiously and remember that this site is for professionals. Thos who don’t behave like professionals may find themselves out of the running for professional income, too.

(Sorry, Carol, I tacked on my soapbox! I’m done.)


As long as it won’t affect our response rates, meh. :wink:


I’m more than happy to provide the soapbox foundation for your soapbox. May we build a soapbox fort and protect our private messaging system :wink:


@catwriter just wait for 4 more days… :wink: