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Prizes and demand of Urdu voiceovers

Hi, I wanted to discuss what should be an attractive prize for an urdu and english voice over. I’ve yet 5 reviews, but still I think Urdu voice over demand is less, or may be traffic is divided. what are your opinion.
Kind regard.

Why do you want a prize?

The price should really reflect on the work you can offer. A newcomer who is just recording for fun through a laptop mic for example would offer a much higher word count for $5 than a professional with experience who has a professional mic and studio equipment .

Many new sellers offer a very high word count in the beginning to get their gigs going. Once they have established a good flow of orders they lower the word count. Same with translation services for example.

Hi, this really help me. thanks

Price is because often clients asks the budget, and when I tell them either they not reply or may they find someone else with good offer. Actually I was not aware the market price if things here.