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PRO Fiverr account up for sale, get email too

I Googled something because one forum topic/seller question was fishy in comparison to the account on Fiverr… and

I always wondered how can TRS and PRO accounts deliver such poor quality work at some point…

I thought they were just bad from day one but due to lack of competition at that time, they gain momentum of orders and unknowledgeable buyers left them with 5* reviews…

I guess this explains a lot:

So, yea.

Even the PRO and TRS accounts/designers could be rotten bananas wrapped in cellophane.

LOL you need someone to create a fake account as a women? As in you cant just click woman on the beginning?



if we are trying to keep this under the umbrella please delete the topic. Thank you.
It should be easy enough to hire someone to log in to these forums, approach them pretending to be buyer and get the account link and info?


I wonder who is the target audience for these is supposed to be. Meksells won’t even spend $5-10 to hire a proofreader and legit skilled people can make it on their own. You also would need to be confident that you’re going to get invested money back before your rating is ruined by sudden change in quality or you get caught and banned.
And how would you even change your withdrawal methods to new identity? :thinking:


@alyonagrapie The smart part of my brain is asking all those questions the same as you, but the hamsters around the brain core are laughing their a-- of instead of running and powering the main brain so…
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

What in the world is this :smiley:

Privet detectives aren’t needed, Fiverr has advanced technology to detect these accounts fraud.


If someone buys a Pro account, joke’s on them. They will be caught quickly, and banned, losing the account and the money. And it will be pretty obvious - they’ll need to change the PayPal account (unless the original owner gives them that as well, but that’s next to impossible since a PayPal account has personal information and ID).

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