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Pro fiverr profile vs common seller profile

I am level one seller on fiverr. Now i want to make fiverr pro pofile to provide professional services to fiverr buyers. NOW QUESTION IS CAN I make and submit request for fiverr pro profile with same level one seller fiverr account or not ? Thanks

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Pro and regular gigs are all with the same account and plenty of Pro sellers have both kinds of gigs. You aren’t allowed to have separate accounts.

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SO when i apply for pro fiverr the pro gigs will automatically display on my profile ?

Simply can you please guide me . i am level one seller on fiverr now i want to make pro fiverr gigs too so what i have to do. I will be thank full to you if you guide me. Thank you very much@humanissocial

You need to apply. All the questions you are asking are pointless until you get accepted.

If you get accepted Fiverr staff will answer everything for you.


I know how it works because I looked it up and you can, too.

The forum isn’t a substitute for research and no one here is your assistant.


I’m sorry but there is a wealth of information on PRO and everything else Fiverr related on Fiverr and here on the forum. If you need guidance concerning what PRO is, you are kind of demonstrating that you might not meet the kind of standard Fiverr expects o PRO sellers.


oky thank you very much

Check this out:


thank you its really help full

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As statement of fiverr - only 1% can be pro… u may test ur luck

The page linked by @lloydsolutions says

Applying for Fiverr Pro is open to everyone: professionals freelancers who are new to Fiverr, as well as long-time Fiverr sellers.


Hello, yes anyone can apply to be a Pro seller. You will be told how it works if they accept you.


thank you very much for your kind info

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thank you very much for your guidance

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