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Pro Gigs making tips


How to make pro gigs? where we will get pro sign? have any option on fiverr to make my gigs pro? i am ready to invest. if any one know this please help me ASAP. or if it’s not possible then let me know also, please help me about it.




i know this arty. i need to know how to do pro work?


To become professional in your field, no? To do work as a pro you need to become pro through learning and a lot of hard work.

If you want “pro” sign then follow @arty182925 advise and apply for being a pro. You fiverr will decide that you are qualified enough then you will get your badge.


ok that mean i have to learn from the paid fiverr learning videos and then fiverr will decide , right? but how to apply after learn and done good work?


No it’s not like that. Please read the link. If you would’ve read the link that @arty182925 already sent to you then you wouldntve asking this questions.

“Learn fiver” and “fiverr pro” has nothing to do with each other, those are separate programs.

But actually I think you are absolutely not ready to be a pro when you can’t even read the link that someone gave you. Go on fiverr help page and you’ll find all information needed. To be a pro you need to do work as a pro and behave as a pro. Which you doesn’t show yet and probably it’s better to start from improving your language skills.