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Pro only gigs in categories - Why?

I noticed that very few gigs and services fall under a “pro only category” available from Fiverr.

Why is that?
Someone who wishes to offer a couple of those services while, not pro verified, can’t. I’d like some thought behind this.

While I’m not going to appear as a pro, I’d like my gig to be under the specific category because it is a perfect match in terms of description. I believe there’s room for non-pros too. Plus, a non-pro can easily sell like hot bread if successfully implemented.

Being pro verified, doesn’t necessarily mean you are good at what you are going to sell. This comes from someone who deeply believes that badges and levels matter. That’s a different story. You still can be a bad pro.

Edit: Short question. I’d like some feedback on the restriction and the “pro only” logic.

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Actually, it kind of does. Becoming a Pro Seller requires you to verify your skills and professional experience.

Anyways, to answer your question, it’s probably because they only want verified sellers to provide those services.

If you want to sell in those categories, you could consider applying to become a Pro Seller! I hope this helps!