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Pro Rejection Letter Looks Like

Here is what a pro
Rejection letter looks like:

Thanks so much for applying. We’re in the process of reviewing applications and are currently approving only selected candidates, in a limited number of categories.
At this time, your application does not meet the current requirements, but feel free to prepare and submit again in the near future.

Here are some tips to prepare for the next time you apply:

  1. Have all your education information ready (certifications, accolades, etc.)
  2. Prepare links to any professional portfolios, webinars, projects, etc.
  3. If you’re not already, start selling on Fiverr. Seeing your talent and the way you serve buyers in an enormous advantage, and will help us in getting to know you better.
    Keep Doing!

Man…this is like one of those job interviews I did at Indian and MNC IT companies in my pre-writing/freelance life LOL


I got same rejection email by fiverr.

It’s feel like i’m not a “PRO” after 2500+ order sold :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Till I had never rejected in an interview :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Got the same message. I think that what Fiverr looks for is large social media following.


Fiverr Pro is in it’s infant stage making it is hard to know where it will go at this moment. But for the fun of it, I thought I would make a connection to google’s adwords.

i use to run a mom and pop site that did quite well. Beside word of mouth, google’s adwords was our main vehicle for advertising. It was simple to use and if you needed help you could call and discuss. Over time, adwords started to change. It became more comlex to use and eventually they did away with phone support except for certain accounts. Those certain accounts that got phone support was based on the revenue they spent for advertising with google. Eventually, for sites my size, even getting email support was tough. If I heard from support at all it would be days even weeks.

Many of us felt we were being pushed aside by google for larger and more corporate type of sites. Next stop, facebook advertising.

I don’t work at the site anymore and I’m going back 8 years, so if things changed at Adwords since then I’m not aware of it. But at the time, it eventually felt like google adwords was catering to a certain type of client and our small mom and pop site didn’t fit the mold. They didn’t kick us out, but putting up road blocks and giving less support made it tougher to survive.

I hope Fiverr doesn’t go this route. But I do wonder what will happen if Fiverr Pro takes off. Will priorities at Fiverr change? Probably.

In the business world they say you are only as good as your last sale – meaning it doesn’t matter how many sales you had previously, only the last one counts.

For us Facebook advertising was a good alternate that worked well when google adwords wasn’t a good fit. Not sure if such a place exists if Fiverr doesn’t work out for some.


Never mind. I think my pondering doesn´t matter. The ship has sailed anyway. I will have a say next time on this matter.


I have like 100 twitter followers and haven’t posted anything in 2 years.

Trust me that’s not what they are after.



I sent my profile on another page which is Top Rated and I have strong clients behind me, but I got rejected. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention the clients here.

when I sent my form I had proof of quality top_tier work for a major brand, and the links I provided were not from my YT or Vimeo channel, they were actual links to the brand’s social media page, where my videos were used as paid ads.

I have no clue as to how they select candidates, I am simply trying to share what happened in my case, so that maybe I can help more people understand the process or how to increase possibility of selection


on an unrelated note, I like your gigs.

Maybe I should hire you to make me some cool gig images. :slight_smile:


Me too got rejected :disappointed_relieved:

Good point of view. I believe you are 100% right.
Who knows how the future will look for us.


I may not have filled out the form to perfection. There were no options to give them more detail in a paragraph form. I may not have provided the right links. I write reguraly for the Fiverr acadamery and blog. I have three online courses I develop and teach for the top company in my industry. I write for their blog too.I have written curriculum and for other national publications for my field as a Teacher I have over 900 positive reviews and am involved in the Fiverr DC community as a co founder.

Most of my work here on Fiverr has been small companies, so I can not point to their work as major examples, although I understand why it matters. I can not boast a major social media presence aside from 2500 connections on my professional LinkedIn profile.

I guess being a specific pro in my field and my contributions to Fiverr are not enough or I did not represent them well enough. I am just miffed to get an automated response with no further opportunity to communicate.

I know this is new, and what form it will take is not yet known. I am hopeful I can reapply later. Right now, I am a little upset.


Is they thinking Large social media following guys are Professional? - Everyone knows - followers selling market is what is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True. Big social media following means potential buyers, which means more buyers for everyone. It’s an early christmas. Just give it time.


LOL - some can say “i’m negative” But Real facts are : Anyone can buy followers and increase their followership on social media - :wink:

PRO should be like “pro” not like current - New sellers with totally student type portfolio in their gig :slight_smile:


Hahah :smiley: The gig_freak is always open for business :smiley:

OK then why don’t you do that? Seems like if you have more followers, you are guaranteed a spot.

Oh wait, no that’s not how this works. :wink:


Looking forward to my rejection mail :heart_eyes:

Literally just got it…was this entire thing automated?