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Pro sellers work on their stuff too!

Hey everyone!

No this isn’t a mistake.

I am actually posting on the “Improve my GIG” category. :slight_smile:

I need a fresh pair of eyes (or 20) to check out my portfolio.

I’d like some feedback on how well the 3 new thumbnails work when viewed from my profile page:

Plus if you can click to open it and then click on each of the 3 main top “folders” so you can see the samples plus updated copy, I’d really appreciate it.

I am now moving away from a display of cool animations to a more formatted product display.

I will also delete all remaining folders and create case studies.

Any kind of feedback is welcome!

Let me have it! :slight_smile:



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I kept visiting this post to see suggestion :expressionless:
I visited your profile too and I just loved everything and thumbnails !

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Well looks like it’s just you and me @surajrenuka

What’s up with you? How’s everything going?

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Yes !
All good with me :smiley: Just keep inspired my self from around forum :smiley:

lets keep this post on top so people keep seeing it all the time more like pinned one :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really want to know what other can suggest ? dont know why people are not joining ! :thinking:
or they are reviewing gigs ??

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I think the problem here is that some people might not visit your profile page regularly enough to know which thumbnails you have updated…

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Hey @cyaxrex

Maybe you are right.

I wasn’t clear enough in my OP.

I changed the 3 main thumbnails on my “My portfolio” feature.

I didn’t update any of my gigs.

Just the 3 animated thumbnails that are shown on “my portfolio” PLUS the descriptions and content of those 3 slots.

I was actually looking forward to your sharp critique (and maybe @eoinfinnegan ‘s amongst others)

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Seems like your thumbnails are pretty good, I would suggest however, to remove the flashing on the first one in the portfolio.


@frank_d I visited to your profile and it is really great!.


Thank you @ezekry are you referring to the strobe effect the projector makes?

Other than that technical detail?

I am looking for feedback as to how the products are presented/positioned to be honest.

Thank you @heshan7 much appreciated.


Oh, I didn’t even look at that. In fact, maybe that is something to think about. As a rule, most people reading content online don’t read more than 330 -ish words. That ties in with approximately how far people will scroll down a page before they get bored if they don’t immediately have their attention grabbed.

To be honest, (using a desktop) I don’t see any value in your thumbnails. They are too far down the page and too small to see what is going on. However, that’s not you, that’s a Fiverr UI issue.

Personally, I’d look at trying to capture more people’s attention higher up your profile page where your bread and butter gigs are by tweaking your main gig images. I’d also think about changing the phone model you use in your app videos to an iPhone whatever model it is with the notch at the top of the screen.

All the latest phones have a notch and if your videos don’t have a notch, people might think you can’t really reflect how amazing their notch -ready apps are.

All that said, I feel a bit strange advising a Fiverr Zeus how to tweak their profile. In this case, feel free to just throw everything I just said out the window and put it down to the ravings of a mad mek-sell. :wink:


I would add that Stroke of SOCIAL MEDIA VIDEOS get blurry when it takes its original size…may be thick one could help…but still love it


Hey @cyaxrex first of all thank you for looking into my profile and providing me with your unique POV.

I struggled a lot with the portfolio feature to be honest. It’s the thing that matters the most to the higher-budget clients and most of them ask for samples right from the get go which means they don’t even see it.

I was trying to change how I describe my services and before editing my gig descriptions I thought it would be safer to tweak the portfolio descriptions.

But yeah, if no one sees it -thanks Fiverr- no one will find any of it useful.

I agree on the notch remark completely, most of my template designs still rock an older iPhone which makes them look out of date for sure.

Great Profile…Best of luck!!!

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But I’m assuming you mean it means the most to buyers who have already messaged you? In this case, your portfolio is awesome if you are sending a link to it. I just wouldn’t expect buyers to find it by themselves.

Personally, I think it would be better to have a clickable button to your portfolio right at the top of your profile page and each of your gig pages. That (to me at least) is the more user-friendly option, though is as said, a Fiverr UI issue.

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Maybe I should mention it on one of the placeholders Fiverr provides me with on my profile? Like add a “check out my portfolio below” in the description ?

I love the idea of linking to my portfolio right on my gigs. Maybe just on my Pro gigs though.

Although now that I see it on mobile the description is below the portfolio.


IDK. To be honest, I knew that Pro sellers had live portfolios. However, until just now, I’d never actually looked at one or how they are set up, even though I do a lot of snooping on my competitors.

In fact, I only checked yours because you guided me through how to do so. Possibly, this is something you could bring up with your Fiverr contacts.

You have to scroll halfway down the page to even find out you have a studio. In this case, maybe suggest to your Fiverr contacts that they might want to do a bit UI tweaking. -But only if after looking at analysis of traffic to these pages (Studio and Live Portfolios) across Fiverr, there is a pattern of them getting relatively few hits.

See, that makes perfect sense.


I have brought up the portfolio issue several times, although most of those times I was begging them to consider giving us some sort of analytics.

Having the darn thing there without any indication that people visit it and play our video files is not helping me figure out what works or what drives sales.

But yeah I need to talk to them about this, although to be honest they have stuff going on for the next 12 months, all planned ahead and all in motion, so even if they high five me for a great idea, it will still be months until it’s added in their pipeline as an official “to do” item.

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