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Pro vs top rated seller badge


hi i had a conversation yesterday with few sellers on fiverr where we discussed main-goals and what we want to achieve as new sellers on this platform : ‘‘fiverr is a market place for talent only’’ ! that was the stating point . well if we take closer look on what define success and quick fiverr winner journey just by examining sucess story’s on fiverr and top rated sellers . so we are tending more to take just a small slice of the benefit since that majority are part time seller only . wish lead us to the conclusion of wish goals we have and what motivate us. fiverr make the half way for us with defining the progress in badges milestone > great but PRO badge is the new trend this year . as a pro designer i would love to submit my proposal if i keep being inspired by the community moving from large platform or promoting fiverr on my one official sites will be absolutely a win win situation. is fiverr holding to improve the pro-bade-opportunity and if fiverr will make its more ways to promote pro talents that need be exposed even more ? please what do you guys think about pro badge vs top rated seller and wish one will have more success ?


They are two different things. It’s not one versus the other.


Why one or the other. Get them both :wink:


As misscrystal said, it’s not one versus the other.
More and more Pro sellers have the TRS badge. So, your objective could be to have both badges :wink:


You should shoot for the Pro badge first as it is something you can apply for.

You either get accepted or you don’t.

And it’s not one vs the other.

Go for both. :slight_smile: