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Probably plenty of these posts, but just wanted to rant about these type of buyers

I don’t understand why they don’t take time to read and as a result, we sellers have to suffer. On my gig, it specifically says “For ANY orders (package or custom), please message me for details and prices.” Funny thing, he/she sends me a message and a order at the same time, assuming $30 will cover 6 images!!??



To be honest, while a lot of buyers are lazy and don’t read, I think a lot of them buy anyway despite knowing the scope in hopes that they can compel you to do the extra work for free. There are a lot of sellers here who would do that. Sad, but true.


Some buyers do read but still chose the basic packages to get work for free. It’s either cancel or do the work as buyer requested or get a bad review. Either way it’s a dead end.


I can picture a person like this just assuming they can submit an unlimited number of references and order an unlimited number of characters and going: “Well, let’s not get too crazy here, 6 will suffice. And the dinosaurs, everybody loves drawing dinosaurs”.

Also, the refund “request” needed more exclamation marks.


Well customers on fiverr have high expects with little amount of money :smile: btw i see your gig have moving images, are those “Gif” file? i have no idea you can upload gifs

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I have no idea lol, I usually submit gifts for animated commissions and actually upload a PNG so the PNG will show up. No idea how gif showed instead lol.

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You might want to slightly change your gig description, and add “one” wherever appropriate. One 100x100 px character, object, or portrait, Prices are per one character, object, or portrait, and so on.


Thanks, gonna do that now lol.


When I first started I honestly didn’t know any better, and probably for the first year or so of selling I would give buyers the benefit of the doubt and say “I’ll do it as a one-off this time since it was an honest mistake”.

Selling on Fiverr for 3+ years has truly made a pessimist out of me :frowning:



Fortunately I was already a freelancer when I joined Fiverr, so I was already jaded. Haha

As you have put a link to your gig the correct category is My Fiverr Gigs.

See the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's

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