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Probably scammers

Am I the only one around here who has gotten offers like “give me access to your laptop/pc for 3 years, 24/7, for some freelance remote work in collaboration with Upwork”? I have spoken with 2 of these people (probably it is the same person). The problem isn’t about them, fully… The problem is that I took a mail from “Scam” and then got a 9 hour average response (from 1h), also after that another guy did the same thing and then I got a 6h average response. I have 3 gigs posted but so far I have spoken with these 2 people just. Being new here, without a sale and with a 6h response rate is just kicking me off the charts and makes me look very unprofessional, all just because two guys (probably the same) wanted to scam me probably. I have as proof our conversations, is there anything I could do?

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If a message is spam you can report it as spam, if not you can reply to it. They’ve said a message reported as spam will mean it won’t affect your response rate stats (I assume it just ignores that in the stats once flagged). Reported spam used to still affect it unless it was replied to first I think.

Obviously someone asking to access your laptop/pc like that aren’t legit and a Fiverr user shouldn’t do what they are asking.


I agree with you, but I have spoken with 2 people through my whole time here at Fiverr, which were those 2 people. How did I get a 9h response, then a 6h response, if the spam messages don’t count?

How did I get a 9h response, then a 6h response, if the spam messages don’t count?

Did you flag them as spam, or were they automatically flagged as spam? If not, that’s probably why. Unless it was from you not replying to other messages quickly.

Note that the response time will be based on the last 60 days and that will keep moving so it will change as earlier messages you replied move outside the 60 day window.

edit: Actually not replying to a message at all won’t affect the response time, it will only affect the response rate (but the response rate is important since it’s something used in the evaluation).

This is important to know, if the message was automatically marked as spam, and you unmarked it to answer, that was the mistake. 99.7% of the time messages automatically marked as spam are scam attempts. Now the only thing you can do is to answer fast to make your response time lower.

Yeah, I just started on Fiverr and got this message in the form of a picture. Collaboration scam