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Probably stupid question but about the gig's title

Can I use “,” on my title? Basically, I had in my gig title 2,5d because I do 2.5d animantion, and today Fiverr sent me a message saying that I should modify my title and/or my description it’s wrong.
The problem is that it doesn’t really explain what’s wrong, and my main gig it’s out for now, when I’m literally talking with a client about it.
I already modified what I think may be the problem, but how long this will take?

(Side note, sorry for only coming to this blog for problems…)

Also, I have three orders in said gig that is in line to get approved again, can I still deliver these orders as usual?

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There’s many gigs that use commas in the title so that’s not a problem. But I don’t think I’ve seen another gig saying “2,5D” instead of “2.5D” in a title. So that might be the reason (plus the fact that you refer to it as “2.5D” in the description when you say “2,5D” in the title. Though some countries (including I think yours) use a comma as a decimal point. So for that they should allow it, maybe if you’d written it like that in both title and description they might have. Maybe in the description you could explain what you mean by 2.5D (and that way Fiverr CS would know).

You could contact CS and explain it to them and ask them how they would want you to change it (if they still think it’s wrong).

I first tried using 2.5d but it didn’t allow, so I used 2,5d
Worse part is that I did change the title, but forgot the description before saving, and I can’t edit it anymore…
I hope it’s an easy fix, this is my main gig, and apperantly by reading the recent forum entries, it’s getting easier to lose a gig, even if it’s old and has tons of reviews

So you could contact CS and explain and ask them like I said.
Maybe the title could be changed to “I will create a 2d animation” if they want it changed and in the description you could say something like "I will create a 2D animation (or I can create what is known as 2.5D animation in After Effects, due to the ability to have 2D layers in 3D space [or say layers in 3D space]).

edit: If they haven’t said otherwise and the option to deliver the orders with that gig is there I’d assume you are allowed to deliver the orders you have in the queue for that gig.

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I already changed to 2d animantion and it’s waiting for an approval, but I sent a message to CS anyway in hopes that they see it before doing anything to my gig.
Thanks for replying!

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I think, use of commas is OK while rest of the punctuation is not allowed