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Problem about Buyer request

Hello people of the fiverr.
Hope you are doing good today. I refer you again to the same problem which i reported yesterday and yet i am facing it. I am new seller at fiverr and 4-5 days ago i just complete my first order. All things going on the right track before my 1st order. I received a lot of buyer requests in transcription category before completing my 1st order, but after that i did not receive a single buyer request in transcription category, although i refresh my app 24/7, but all in vain. What can i do?
I discuss this problem on social media too but there are some guys they told me that if unlevel seller complete their 1st order then he/she is unable to see buyer requests for 7-8 days. Is that true?


It’s a lie
The buyer receives requests every 24 hours.
This should be viewed several times a day


@sldesign937 i don’t know the fact, but the guys there tell me. I receives buyer requests on daily basis, but after completion of my 1st order i don’t received.

It can’t be
You have to look at buyer requests several times a day and it gets.