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Problem about Gig Modify

Hi i just wanna asking that i get contanly message about my gigs has to be modify
and i already modify 5 time still get on that message, any buddy know to solve this problem?

Is there any spamming sentence?
If is you should change it and try to write a unique description. Do not copy others gig.
Also you can change the catagories to see the result

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so it the main problem was on description or the tittle i used?
when i try to edit the main focus on title

When you are using the forums, do not make duplicate threads. Post your question once and be patient and wait for an answer.

As I mentioned in the other thread, the reason your gig keeps getting denied is because most of your description is linking your off-platform contact information, including your full Facebook URL, and encouraging people to contact you there. Of course Fiverr is going to shut that down - why on earth would they want to give people a reason to cut off their 20% commissions?

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