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Problem about vacation mode?

What will happen to the already placed orders when I activate vacation mode?

Thank You

Nothing, you have to complete them. :slight_smile: There’s no extension since you cannot go on vacation in the middle of an order.

I was just wondering: if you enter vacation mode, this means buyers will likely choose to be notified of when you return… now imagine 100 buyers getting on the notification list while you’re on vacation, and as soon as you disable vacation mode all of them get the notification at the same time and you’ll then be overwhelmed with 100 orders within one day (worst-case scenario)… doesn’t this make the vacation mode be overkill for sellers?

I’m afraid of this scenario and of enabling vacation mode, because I know I cannot deal with 100 orders in such a short notice, and all because the ‘subscribed’ buyers were notified at the same time of my return…

What would you do?

Reply to @madmoo: hey Ang, hopefully you’ve seen my message on this thread, I’d really love your input on this one…

Reply to @Woofy31: Shhh…Fiverr doesn’t think its features out carefully. Shhh!!!

CS is also known to spit back snarky responses when reminded of this. :frowning:

Reply to @kjblynx: actually, you don’t dislike the vacation mode - you dislike the way it was implemented :slight_smile: the whole idea of a vacation mode was a requested feature by many of us… it’s just that they didn’t implement it right, like we thought it should work in the first place…

Reply to @kjblynx: maybe you’d like it more if it could be applied on particular gigs, too, rather than just on all gigs :slight_smile: Although there’s still the problem of being ‘hit’ by a mass of buyers when you return from vacation…

Hello sir,
I am not in vacation and I don’t press my vacation mode on.
But there is a star showing my profile and there is written that "I’m on a vacation"
How can i solve this.

I also have the same problem came up few hours ago, i didn’t enable vacation mode but on my profile it says “i am on vacation” anyone know why this is so ???