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Problem attaching file

Here in the Forum, when I try to attach a file (max 2MB), I get the Loading bar below, but it never attaches. Anyone else having this problem?


or jpeg

Clean history, cache, cookies… From your browser and try again :slight_smile:

I have similar problems with the uploader. What broswer do you use? I use firefox and sometimes switching to chrome helps (but not all the time)

good luck! :slight_smile:

I often have problems with the uploader, but I find just redoing it works - sometimes may take up to 5 times. But you have to go back to your manage sales page and start over from there (atleast that’s what works for me)

Yes I do. In fact it made me late 3 days now due to the malfunction. It’s still not fix though fiverr contact emailed that they made an adjustment already.