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Problem client is trying to get free work. Reopens dispute over and over


I did some work for a client who turned out to be quite a problem. The short version is that she tried to cancel after I completed the work and gave her an additional free rewrite but the whole time she refused to answer my questions about her company. I declined the dispute because I did the work that she asked and she immediately reopned the dispute. How long can this go on? I thought once I declined that it was over, but apparently not.


You should keep declining and contact Fiverr support regarding the issue


Thank you. I will do that.


You can try to decline and it can go on for a while,during which you will get stressed.But the buyer can also contact CS and then you will have to explain things to a third person who is not always as eager to hear you as he/she says and then it can go on and on.

You can also cancel the order and save yourself from this headache;Although your order completion rate will likely get lowered.


Declining continuously until you get release from this buyer and contact Fiverr support team regarding the issue…


CS was absolutely no help. I have had to decline three times so far. Now, it is showing as a modification request, which makes no sense. I’m so confused on how to handle this. I did more that this lady paid for. Fiverr is not a try it and pay for it if you feel like place. This is absolutely ridiculous.


@tracybarnhart I recently declined to cancel for about ten times a day almost three weeks on a scam attempting buyer. It was an ordeal but I would have gone on forever. He never answered one question of mine. He tried immediately upon delivery to get a refund/cancellation but in the end he finally gave up.

I had notified CS about it and they agreed with me he was trying to pull a scam and offered to reimburse me if I cancelled but still I refused and each time he tried to cancel or used the modification button I redelivered and refused.

Finally three days went by where he didn’t use the cancellation or revision buttons and it completed. I left him a one star review explaining it was an attempt to scam me. He left a dishonest lying review for me. That’s fine, he still had to pay for what he got.

I don’t know why once the seller declines to cancel that isn’t the end of it and we have to have these marathons back and forth for weeks. But any time anyone tries that with me they won’t win.

That buyer has now been banned.


Of course, you should contact Fiverr customer care They are very helpful


I suppose that’s for the “work it out amongst yourself, guys” phase but it should have a maximum, 3 times maybe, if one party declines 3 times, it should be crystal clear that there will be no cordial agreement. (Maybe the cancellation/decline thing uses the same counter as the revision thing…)


I remember a time when in a situation like this CS would step in and mark the order complete.


Support told me to send the client a list of what I completed. That makes no sense. She knows the job was completed. Based on her behavior, I think she planned all along to get some free writing.

@misscrystal Thank you for your lengthy reply. I’m going to do what you did. She is trying to scam for free work at this point.


@tracybarnhart Perfect. Just make sure that each time you refuse to cancel you redeliver the same thing. Never just hit the deliver button without the finished project attached. And be determined and persistent and don’t stop no matter if he hits the cancel or revision button 1,000,000 times. Don’t give up.

If support told you to send a list of what you completed then do that too.
It might be important for CS to see you did that at some point.

Keep all messages you send polite and professional.


They often say that in situations like yours, and it does make sense. Create a list of everything that was required, and a list of everything you completed, thus clearly showing in one easy-to-find place exactly what was agreed on and that you’ve not just delivered as advertised, but overdelivered, too.

And by creating the list(s), you will show her that you’re aware of that fact, too. In detail. It’s hard to argue with facts.


Thank you everyone for your advice. I will will send the list if she asks for a cancellation again.


This is so frustrating. Seller support refuses to help in any way. The buyer constantly submits a cancellation request or a modification request. At this point, it is harassment from the buyer. I’m not sure why Fiverr will not step in and help since they acknowledged that I completed the work in accordance with the gig. I’ve asked them to help and they said no. This does not make me excited to accept more work on this platform.


@tracybarnhart Yes it is just harassment when they do that but you will get through it and they will give up at some point. Mine tried to continue the harassment in my inbox even when it was over and the order was complete, but I reported him and he got banned. Mine didn’t once send a message in English to me, only in Spanish. It’s bad that the harassment is allowed to continue indefinitely.

I do have some satisfaction in the fact he didn’t get away with it.


Google Small SEO Tools. Find the free plagiarism checker and cut and paste the content you delivered into the search box. Now check to see if it is published online anywhere. If it is, you will find a link to the page. Click it and if it is your work take a screenshot.

Now reject your buyers cancellation attempt. Message them to say that you have already had your union representative run a search and discover that your content has been published online. Provide your buyer with the link. Then inform them that since the order is not complete, they are in breach of your copyright. They can either complete the order or your union representative will send a cease and desist notice to the website hosting your content, and the web host of the site itself.

If you can not find your work online politely remind you buyer what you have delivered their work to the best of your ability. Remind them that it is against Fiverr TOS to cancel orders due to personal preference. (Not liking a finished product.) Explain that you will under no circumstances be cancelling their order. Then inform them that if your order is cancelled but they publish part or all of your work at a later date, this will result an a letter of complaint being lodged with any website or publication where your work appears.

My hunch is that your buyer is used to doing this and did not give you any specific company details because they know how more experienced freelancers like myself deal with these situations. Try scaring them off with a bit legal mumbo jumbo, and you should be fine.


I had a buyer like this once. Kept hitting the Cancel button and lodging insults and naughty words at me. That was fine, I can click Decline til the cows come home. I told the client they could keep hitting Cancel, but it wouldn’t end in a cancellation, as I did the work, and they needed to pay me for my time. They also tried the Modification button, and that was met with me delivering the same file. They then threatened me with, “I am going to leave you bad feedback!”, to which I said, “That is fine, but, you know the work was done, and even though it may have not been the news you wanted to hear, I get paid for my time on every reading I do.” They finally gave up and I won that staring contest. I don’t remember if they left feedback as I don’t read my feedback usually - I don’t like having it interfere with my mindset. I am sure she did leave scathing words for me though. I did a search on this buyer’s name and found she left horrible feedback and 1 star reviews on quite a few sellers here - so, my instinct was right on to deny her taking advantage of me.

I would just keep declining their request for cancellation or modification. There are a lot of “shoplifters” on this site who will go from seller to seller getting things done and then whining that they didn’t like it (even though you will see your work on their site etc) so that the seller will cower and give their money back so they can rinse, repeat their nefarious ways.



I am facing same situation as it is.The buyer is constantly sending me cancel request but I am not going to give away free work.I will just keep on declining cancellation.


Thanks everyone. It is so sad that this happens to so many of us. I am not going to give in on this.