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Problem Client Returning (Is there a way to block a buyer?)

Is there a way to block a buyer? I have a problem client that keeps ordering my gigs. She orders my gigs but doesn’t provide me with the actual information I need to produce the gig until the time is almost up. I want to stop the orders, but I can’t figure out if there is a way to block this one buyer.

Reply to @the42ndfl00r: Report the buyer to Customer Support by submitting a ticket. They’ll take care of her! :wink:

Hmmmm… thanks for your comment. I’ve tried cancelling, but the buyer always refuses. She tells me what she wants me to edit, but doesn’t provide the file she actually wants me to retouch. Always saying she’ll upload it later. She’s also tried sending me messages asking for ways to contact me out of fiverr, and asking me to give her discounts and send her retouched images through the messages and not through gigs.

You can also report on buyer by clicking the report button right side in the chat

Have you tried telling this client that you can’t help them? Let them know that you cannot do a good job for them.

Be careful , cancelling gigs affects them in the search. Moreso if CS has to cancel it for you*

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