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Problem Creating New Gig


I was tring to create my 3rd gig. When i reached the discription section and saved it, instead of saving it showed my a message on the top stating-

“Base ExtraFast: duration should be shorter than the original gig’s duration”

What’s wrong please someone tell me… What does ‘Duration’ mean??


An English (or online) dictionary might be a good source for that answer. :wink:


It means you set a wrong duration or delivery time for either the basic gig or your “extra fast” option.


It means you added a gig extra for express delivery but the time isn’t shorter or is the same with your basic gig. For example, your basic gig can’t be 24 hours with your gig extra being 24 hours. The time on your basic gig has to be longer than your gig extra’s time.

Got it??

Something's wrong

Ohhh Ok… I got it now :slight_smile: Thanks for your ans